President's Message

Dear Members of The Gator Nation,

I am very happy to share with you news that could have a tremendously positive effect on the University of Florida and its ability to enhance and expand its missions of research, education, service and economic development.

Today, Florida Gov. Rick Scott made clear his support for the University of Florida’s quest to become a top-10 public university and included in his proposed budget a $15 million appropriation for UF.  The funds, which require approval by the Florida Legislature, would be used to hire new faculty.  These hires would help reduce the student-faculty
ratio and enable UF to attract nationally recognized scientists who can help advance the university’s research and technology transfer enterprises.  

The Governor’s budget also includes a fund of $100 million for construction of state university buildings for science, technology, engineering and math – the STEM fields.  This fund would be made available to up to four universities that are able to match the state funds with university money.  We plan to apply for funding for a new laboratory building that will handle the increasing number of students taking chemistry.

We welcome the Governor’s support of our goal of achieving top-10 status, which would result in enormous benefits for UF, Florida’s young people and the continued growth and prosperity of the state.

These benefits include:

  • A world-class educational experience for Florida’s best and brightest students, many of whom now journey out of state to pursue their highest college ambitions.
  • Enhanced ability to compete with the nation’s largest and most robust centers of business and technology research and development, such as North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, California’s Silicon Valley, and Massachusetts’ Route 128.
  • Heightened visibility and prestige for Florida’s entire university system, a critical step for a bellwether state that will soon be the third most populous in the nation.

Gov. Scott’s proposal represents a significant step toward a goal that has been at the forefront of the agenda for the current UF Board of Trustees and generations of UF leaders before our time.  Now, the proposed funding goes to the Florida Legislature for consideration, and I would like to conclude this message by asking for your support in encouraging its members to get behind the proposal.

Please visit the Gators for Higher Education website at, click on ‘join’ and then ‘register today’ to sign up and become an advocate for UF. The site provides information on how to contact your state representative and state senator.  We hope you will make those contacts and urge your elected officials to support the proposal.


J. Bernard Machen